I am far from being a great player–and at my age and starting out with hockey so late in life probably never will be–but I have learned more from Rob Little than any one or any thing else. He is very insightful . And I really appreciate how patient and encouraging he is with players regardless of their skill level.

–AHA C1 Player


Definitely worth it. I just started playing hockey this winter and I’ve never had any actual coaching, so this morning’s session with Rob was a revelation. He skates around to everyone, giving you positive, personalized feedback that shows instant results. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to work on their game.

–Hockey Neophyte


Prior to spending time with Rob, I knew I was doing something wrong with my skating but didn’t know exactly what or how to fix it. Like anything in life, you don’t know what you don’t know. Now I know. It’s the simple tweaks he makes to your game as a objective expert that sends you to the next level. And stating the obvious, the better you can skate (in one 60 minute session with Rob, I can now do backward crossovers — well sort of!) and handle the puck, the more fun you’ll have and feel better about yourself in a game. He is an amazing coach.

Yeah, you’re gonna fall, but you’re not pushing yourself if you don’t. I left Rob’s session with a permagrin that lasted all day.

–Hockey Neophyte 


Thanks to Rob’s insights, I’m starting to figure out some of the things I’ve been doing wrong. It’s a little frustrating to realize I’ve been practicing things incorrectly, but at least now I can start to practice doing them in a better way. I wish I’d gotten this instruction on day one, but much better late than never.

–AHA D1 Player


[Morning skills sessions are] a great way to start out the day and Breck has showers that actually have hot water. Now that the outdoor ice is gone, these AM sessions with Rob are one of the only ways to work on skills away from the game setting. I attended and sessions last month and worked on things I wanted help with and, if you know Rob, he’s the best at watching and instucting you on what your doing wrong and how to fix it.

–AHA C2 Player


Rob, thank you for letting me take your clinics. You are a great instructor and are very motivating and encouraging. I really looked forward to coming to each time and did not want to miss one. I really value the knowledge and skills you have assisted me with gaining. I have attended a couple other women’s clinics and feel your clinics far exeeded them– ie. the amount of people, time spent on a skill and the way it was taught, etc. I continue to tell people about how great your clinics are so I hope some of them will take advantage of your clinics and reap the rewards that I feel I have. My future clinics will be with you! Thanks again. 

–WHAM Player


I got up at 5AM this morning. The important thing is if I got anything out of it, and boy did I! It was everything from the arm positioning to the toe drag that will improve my game. I’m totally pumped. Did I mention how early I got up for this thing? Anyway, it was worth it!

–Hockey Neophyte